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This agreement is between www. ChicagoSpeakerRental.com (Pedro Garcia) and_______________________________________________________ (hereinafter the Renter"). The Renter hereby rents all equipment (hereinafter "Rental Equipment") and purchases all services specifically listed in the Invoice accompanying this Agreement. The Renter understands that if a service is not listed on that Invoice, then ChicagoSpeakerRental.com is not obligated to provide that service.

Renter understands that PAYMENT IN FULL IS DUE IN ADVANCE for all equipment rented and all services purchased that are specifically listed in the Invoice accompanying this Agreement. Should there be additional charges for damage to rental equipments; missing Rental Equipments additional charges for services, or Rental time, ChicagoSpeakerRental.com will supply Renter with an INVOICE of these additional charges.


Security and rental deposit, this deposit reserves you the date, time and equipment. All Equipment rentals will require a complete deposit in advance. No exceptions. Cash or charge card for the value of the gear rented must be deposited before the rental commences. If a charge card is used, 2 transactions will be done: one for the rental, and one for the deposit. Upon return of the rental gear, the transaction for the deposit will be voided. ALL Rental Equipment shall be returned on or before the Date and Time Due as given on the Invoice. Should Renter require additional time with the Rental Equipment, then Renter MUST seek the permission of ChicagoSpeakerRental.com IN ADVANCE of the Due Date and Time. The extension of rental time and any changing of rental terms is solely at the discretion of ChicagoSpeakerRental.com. Should the Rental Equipment not be returned when due, ChicagoSpeakerRental.com reserves the right to protect its interest by first charging Renter's Credit Card Account $________ per day until the Rental Equipment is returned and second in its discretion, to treat the unreturned Rental equipment as a theft and notify the appropriate department of law enforcement.

Renter is responsible for the care, custody and control of the rented Equipments and for the safe return of ALL rented Equipments. Renter is solely responsible for any damage to, theft of, or loss of any rental equipment whether in whole or in part (deposit only covers physical/cosmetic damage). ChicagoSpeakerRental.com will replace the rented equipment if the rented equipment fails during the rental period. Please note: There will be extra delivery charge if we redeliver the equipment. All equipments are checked and we make sure the equipment is working fine before giving the customer. If for any reason the equipment stops working we are not obligated for any refund.

Rental Equipment shall be used as it is intended to be used AND Shall be used in accordance with all instructions and all restrictions given by ChicagoSpeakerRental.com, whether oral or written. Upon return of Rental Equipments to ChicagoSpeakerRental.com, ChicagoSpeakerRental.com will inspect the Rental Equipments within a reasonable time and determine whether any Rental Equipment is missing AND whether there is any damage to the Rental Equipment.

Renter understands and agrees that Renter has 30 days to settle all accounts with and pay all charges and fees due ChicagoSpeakerRental.com. Should Renter not settle all accounts with and pay all charges and fees due ChicagoSpeakerRental.com within 30 days, ChicagoSpeakerRental.com reserves the right to turn the matter over to its attorneys for collection. Renter understands that a monthly interest fee of 1.50% l8% annually} will be assessed on any outstanding balance of Renter's account with ChicagoSpeakerRental.com that is over 30 days past due. Any unpaid account balance over 30 days will be automatically turned over for collection. Should Renter's account be turned over for collection, Renter hereby acknowledge that Renter owes and consents to pay the unpaid balance of Renter's account plus monthly interest thereon of 1.5% (18% annually), plus all costs of collection, and Attorney’s fees of 331/3% of the unpaid balance, whether or not suit is filed.

Renter understands there will be a service charge of $25.00 for all checks that are offered for payment and are returned unpaid, and that Renter will be subject to civil penalties and remedies that Illinois State laws allows. This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the substantive laws of the Commonwealth of Illinois.

Cancellation: The reservation can be canceled within 24 hrs. of placing the order, provided the order is placed at least a week in advance. If the order is placed less than 72 hrs. of the actual event, the order cannot be canceled. Otherwise, order can be canceled within 24 hrs for a full refund. Absolutely NO REFUND after 24 hrs.(from the time order is placed). Rush orders cannot be canceled (orders occurring within 24 hrs.)

Upon Delivery: It is customer’s responsibility to verify the delivery of all equipments upon delivery. If the driver is left and he was not notified of any missing item, the item will be considered lost by the customer. There will be a redelivery charge for the item. Renter hereby agrees to the exclusive venue and jurisdiction of the state courts sitting in the __________________County, Chicago for all matters of litigation arising from or relating to this Agreement and all other agreements entered into With ChicagoSpeakerRental.com.

My signature at front of the invoice is my declaration that I have read and agreed to all the provisions of this Rental Agreement, and I acknowledge that I am the party who is ultimately responsible for all charges billed to my account by ChicagoSpeakerRental.com

Setup: If we are renting the equipments, we are not responsible for any issue resulting from the setup.-----------

Cables/Accessories: All cables and accessories are provided as a courtesy at no charge. It is renter’s responsibility to make sure he/she gets the proper cables. Extra charge will be applied if for any reason ChicagoSpeakerRental.com has to redeliver the cable._____________

Manuals: By default, we do not include any equipment manual when renting. We assume the renter knows how to operate any item he/she rents from us. YOU MUST TAKE SETUP IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO OPERATE THE EQUIPMENT. OR YOU MUST HAVE A TRAINED TECHNICIAN TO OPERATE THE EQUIPMENT. Let us know in advance if you need the manual (subject to availability). Also if the invoice

doesn’t include manual the equipment that you are renting doesn’t have the manual.__________________

Making Reservation Deposit constitutes agreement to this rental contract .

I________________________________________________________ fully read & understand ChicagoSpeakerRental.com policies. By signing above I take the full responsibility.

Signature: __________________________________________________ Date:__________________________


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