An iPod wedding refers to a wedding at which the music is supplied via iPod/Laptop, vs. a DJ,  or other musicians.

It may include, but is definitely not limited to, such as the processional, unity candle/sand ceremony music, special songs, recessional, cocktail hour music, background reception music, and music for dancing.

All songs are saved to one or more playlists or iPods and then fed through a Professional PA System.


Technical requirements

Playlists can also be created on, and played via, a laptop using software such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. This may give the user more control over music playing functions, such as fading and mixing.


Master of Ceremonies

The other function that a DJ or band leader serves is as an MC. The MC usually introduces the bridal party when they enter the reception, introduces the guests making toasts, and provides instructions for other special activities (cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, etc.). If you are having an iPod wedding, you can ask a trusted guest to perform the MC duties. This person should be someone not in the bridal party itself (so the bridal party can be introduced properly) and someone who is likely to not consume too much alcohol during the reception (for obvious reasons).

You can either set your iPod to play complete pre-determined playlists and have your guest MC change the playlist at the appropriate time (ie, from cocktail hour music to dinner music), or you can ask your guest MC to serve as more of a DJ, with additional freedom to read the crowd and change the music selection as he or she feels is appropriate. If you are worried about guests taking over DJ duties uninvited, you can consider laptop settings that make the screen saver kick in quickly and require a password to access the music software again.


Pros and Cons

Pros to having an iPod wedding include:

 -Low cost.

 -Complete control over your wedding music, so you can make sure songs you dislike are not played.

Cons to having an iPod wedding include:

-Not having a professional DJ/MC who has performed similar events in the past.

-Song flow can be awkward, but easily remedied by using Itunes or Windows Media Player on your laptop computer



-Have a dedicated playlist for each piece of the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, cake cutting, first dances, bouquet toss, garter toss and reception dance music.

-Delegate someone who can sporadically man the i-music (ie: changing between play lists etc.

-You picked the I-Music....so go out and enjoy YOUR music. If a happy couple is dancing, others WILL join in!

 -To gather ideas for songs to download, add a few lines and instructions on your RSVP cards for invitees to tell you their favorite love/wedding songs. You'll probably receive a lot of the "standard" wedding songs, but you'll probably also gather some ideas you never would have thought of or learn something new about your friends and family. (Who knew Aunt Betty's favorite song was "How Deep is Your Love" by the Bee Gees?!?!)


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