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“This was a as simple as you said, I just connected my laptop and the party was on! Everyone there asked me about your services, I gave them your info, hope you dont’t mind. Im gonna definitely use your company for my bday party in September”


       -- Thank you .    Nelson B.        1/9/2010




“Again, thanx Nick. I could have not asked for a more powerful PA system on such a short notice, thanx for working with me”


                 -- Mario G.        1/12/2010 - 1/13/2010



“ Simply awesome”


          -- Thanx.     Tammy P.           9/11/2010



“You saved me a ton of money! Loved the dj lights they kept everyone on the dance floor all night”

     -- thank you so much.   Jorge with a ‘J’     8/21/2010





“Nick, thanx you helped me stay on budget and provided a great service, I couldn’t have asked for more”

     --  Sgt. Rogers/USMC     10/22/2010





“It Was a pleasure working with your company. We will keep you in mind for our upcoming events”      

-- Randy M.   8/11/2010





“Thank you for your professionalism, attention to detail and honesty. You will have all our business that requires audio/sound in the future.

-- Again thank you Ray B.  12/20/2010





“Who would have thought that an iPod Wedding was so simple? Great sound, great lights and your sound guy was awesome, he set up the system in under 10 minutes, I was impressed. I will be referring you to my friends”

     -- Nick & Mandy   10/09/2010





Matt    (708) 205 2299